Hong Kong police aggressively clears Lung Wo tunnel

I filmed the events around Lung Wo tunnel together with other JMSC students during the night of October 14. Coconuts published some of the footage. The Guardian newspaper reports the events as follows:

Demonstrators moved into the tunnel – part of a four-lane road – bringing traffic to a halt and chanting for universal suffrage after police had earlier cleared another protest site in order to open up a major road for the first time in two weeks. […] However, later in the evening, hundreds of people made a surprise move to occupy the tunnel on Lung Wo Road, an important east-west artery near the offices of the Hong Kong government and legislature. Riot police moved in and witnesses said they used pepper spray to try to disperse the crowd but then retreated, leaving the tunnel in the hands of the protesters, who built barricades to expand the occupied area.